Surround Yourself With Powerful People


Let me introduce you to the RSP brand Ambassadors, who have the following in common: 

  • They consider meditation a powerful tool for their self-development
  • They are well aware of the immense benefits that plants have to offer humanity
  • They seek mastery


George Monkhouse 

George Monkhouse - Ambassador for Raised Spirit Products. Organic CBD Coconut Oil made from UK hemp"Plants are amongst the very best natural medicines on the planet. Ask a tribesman for his medicine cabinet and he will take you into his environment. Hemp and cannabis are two of the oldest recorded medicines. Nature heals, simple."

George is a fascinating healer who specialises in strong natural medicines, which is why I often refer to him as the "Urban-Shaman". Never far from a crazy story, George is committed to building a global free healthcare system. Over the years I have sought George's advice on many health topics, and have experienced first-hand the magic he can perform with Acupuncture.

If you are someone who is in chronic pain or who suffers from a 'difficult to treat' condition, get in touch with George now.

David Boycott Brown 

David Boycott Brown - Olympic GB coach and Raised Spirit Ambassador. 100% organic CBD Coconut Oil made in Oxfordshire

"Nature is our greatest teacher. Supporting the production of Hemp can help us live in greater harmony with the natural world."

Strong Dave and I first crossed paths when I was in need of some expert help with my strength & conditioning for an upcoming UFC bout. Having worked with professional athletes since 2003, Dave has also devised programs for multiple GB Olympic teams. Trying not to make any of his decisions without considering the impact on future generations, Dave is on a mission to leave this earth in a better state than when he arrived. His favourite ancient indigenous proverb is, "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

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